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Buy a Cheap Used Car Online Perth

If you’ve spent hours searching online for a cheap used car only to turn up a slew of new car offers and not many good deals, you’ve been looking in the wrong places.

The online classifieds have been all but overtaken by dealers masquerading as independent sellers, and the once-popular online car auction sites seem to have fewer truly ‘cheap’ cars every day.

So, you’re probably wondering, where exactly are the truly cheap used car deals in Perth?

Here are three places where you can buy a cheap used car online in Perth.

1. Used Car Marketplaces

The first (and arguably best) choice for finding a good deal on a used car on the Web is a used car marketplace. Look for a site that lets you search by location, compare models, and get pre-approved for financing all in one place. Perth is home to one such marketplace that specialises in connecting used car shoppers to private sellers, quickly.

2. Message Boards

If you have a specific make and model in mind and you’re looking to take one home on the cheap, message boards can come in handy. Not all models have their own message board, though. Often, popular models will attract a loyal following online. There are dedicated message boards for esteemed models like the Ford Mustang and the BMW 3 series, but you’ll also find plenty of forums focused on every day makes from brands like Volkswagen and Holden.

Usually, these forums will have a ‘cars for sale’ section, where you can connect with private sellers who not only offer great deals but may also prove knowledgeable about the vehicle you’re considering, enabling them to answer any questions you might have.

3. Search Engines

If you are tech-savvy, it may sound obvious, but the truth is, some of the cheapest used cars are for sale from private sellers who are posting their ads on their own blogs and YouTube channels. Simply searching Google and sorting the results by date and location can turn up tonnes of deals that simply aren’t found in any of the ‘obvious’ places.

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