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Buying a Used Car Privately: The Essential Guide Brisbane

A private sale is a great way to score a new ride and the best deals on wheels are arguably found with private sellers in Brisbane.

That stated, there are certain steps any responsible car buyer should take when buying a used car in a person-to-person sale.

To help you navigate the process, we have assembled this essential guide to buying a used car privately. Here are the basics.

Why Buy from a Private Seller?

In a word: price. Private sellers turn to the used car market in Brisbane, usually after a dealership has made an unacceptable trade-in offer. Although dealers are likely to lowball the seller so much that the seller shies away from the offer, you can still catch a great deal on a used car by making a more agreeable offer. Private sales are attractive to both parties because they allow sellers to recoup more of their investment than a dealership would and buyers drive away with a good deal.

Where to Find Private Sellers

Private sellers sometimes advertise in the usual places, like local newspapers and message boards, but you can actively seek sellers by searching for the year, make, and model you’re considering on popular search engines, like Google and YouTube. Brisbane is also home to a used car matchmaking site that connects car shoppers to independent sellers which also lets users compare models and finance options.

Negotiating the Deal

Private sales are like dealership sales in that you’ll still want to conduct a test drive of any vehicle up for consideration. It’s also a good idea to ask the seller about a pre-purchase inspection (PPI), before agreeing to pay for the car. Keep in mind that, unlike Brisbane dealerships, which almost always offer some type of warranty or guarantee, private sellers are not required to make any such accommodation. Before you drive away, be certain you are confident that the vehicle is reliable.

Getting Financed

Just because you buy a car independently in Brisbane does not mean you cannot get financing. Personal banks and third-party lenders finance private car purchases every day. If you take down the vehicle’s information, you can even shop around for the best financing offer, before sealing the deal.

Put It in Writing

Speaking of ‘sealing the deal,’ you’ll want to get everything in writing when buying a used car from a private seller, just as you would a dealer. This includes tentative price offerings, which you will need to show to your prospective lender. And of course, should you ultimately buy the vehicle, you’ll need to get a bill of sale (or receipt) and the seller will have to turn over the vehicle’s Roadworthy Certification before you can drive it home.

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