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New players in Automotive Blockchain and Electric skateboards

Carzaam Automotive News #19 | Blockchain - Lime buys electric skateboard company

Hello everyone, it’s Chilli here with another episode of Carzaam news where we talk about the latest in Autonomous, Connected and Electric vehicles.

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Before we get into the news, I wanted to say a few words about a sneaky participant in the Mobility as a service movement and this is the role of payment providers.

I think the rise of digital wallets and the blockchain combined with increased connectivity of cars and 5G is driving an arms race for control of mobility payments. This is just one more part of the dis-intermediation of the manufacturer as an increasing number of cars become shared or on demand resources.

Soon, it wont be your car that’s important to you but the mobility wallet (ie payment provider) that’s embedded in your phone.

The payment provider who can provide seamless access to transport across all modalities and also layer in loyalty, discounts and access to great benefits will become even more important than the brand of car that just drove you.

All of this will be made even more efficient with the incorporation of the blockchain and on that theme, today we have a great episode of carzaam news including Sony and General Motors latest thinking on the Blockchain and news that Lime is buying the remnants of a failed electric skateboard company… Enjoy!

Sony will develop a MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) common database technology based on Blockchain.

The high speed processing technology will be used to record transport data of more than 7 million people per day. The platform will incorporate multi-modal means of transportation such as trains, buses, taxis, car sharing, on demand mobility services and rental bicycles and in return will provide users with information regarding optimal routes to desired destinations and recommended transportation services.

The database offers scalability and fast data processing making it a viable option to be used by transportation operators in large cities and the platform is not solely built for the purpose of a MaaS, but can be “applied to the recording and sharing of various forms of sensor data related to the development of smart cities.”

Very interesting that Sony released an electric car to showcase its in car systems and now is releasing a blockchain platform that can be used in any field but they choose to release it to the Mobility as a service market first. Sony is starting to make it’s automotive intentions known to all and is one to watch.

Did you read about the new flying car Formula 1 Series?

Another article on blockchain notes that General Motors (GM) has become the latest firm to get onboard.

Earlier this week, GM published a patent for a blockchain-based navigation map system that will seamlessly collect data from vehicle sensors and build a map for autonomous cars.

The filing explains that the costs of making existing maps more dynamic have risen significantly, especially as these maps are usually maintained by specialized vehicles with limited reaches and to overcome this problem, they would like to distribute the process of updating maps to several vehicles around the world.

The entire blockchain network will also be maintained by these cars – which will act as nodes – as well as data centers that GM will set up. These cars will collect data on their immediate environment through sensors with real-time information compared with what is available on existing maps. Any noted differences will be transmitted back to a blockchain network that will hold all of the map data.

By distributing the process of building maps, GM could significantly speed up efforts to cover the majority of U.S. roads, as well as routes across the world.

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Lime to buy remnants of Boosted

Last today, we hear that micro mobility company Lime is buying up the remnants of electric skateboard company Boosted. The move comes after a proposed acquisition from Yamaha fell through for Boosted earlier this year.

“Lime has purchased all the assets and IP of the company, including design files, software and code, diagnostics, parts and test equipment.”

Despite the purchase it seems inevitable that Boosted will “likely” enter “some form of bankruptcy but won’t formally dissolve for a while.”

It’s unclear if Lime will take on any of the few employees who are still with Boosted, but it has emerged that Lime has “not purchased any consumer products from Boosted.”

Boosted got its start as one of Kickstarter’s earliest and biggest success stories but signs of trouble started showing up after the company missed payments to vendors, complaints about customer service piled up and a string of executives left for other jobs.

Boosted ran into financial trouble after developing a rugged $1,600 electric scooter of its own which was delayed and the company had also spent a lot of the money it raised to expand into more than 30 countries around the world.

Now that’s all the time we have for Cazaam automotive news today, please leave a comment below, subscribe to us on Youtube and Spotify and make sure you connect with me on Social, bye for now.

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