• Andrew Chilcott

Does Selling Your Car to the Wreckers Make Sense in Perth?

Before you do that, you will want to weigh all the available options. Before you dial up the local wreckers, here are three things to keep in mind. Is it Wrecked (or Just a Wreck)?

Calling one of WA’s wrecking services is undeniable if your car has been wrecked or has devolved to a state of disrepair so awfully that it is not drivable. The wreckers will place more value on your car than anyone else, in all likelihood.

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Wreckers Don’t Always Pay Top Dollar

Although wreckers sometimes advertise ‘up to $5000 paid for wrecked cars’ the ‘up to’ bit is the operative. For old, busted 1990s models, you might see $400 selling your car to the wreckers. If you have a salvageable late-model car, you might have better luck selling or auctioning it as an unregistered, non-roadworthy vehicle in need of repair. What if it’s technically drivable?

If your car rolls and suffers mainly from being old and unloved, you will fetch a better asking price selling it in a private sale. Youth drivers and people unable to receive even bad credit car finance pay cash for clunkers all the time. Create an ad for your old car and see what kind of luck you have selling it in a private sale, before calling the wreckers to take it off your hands.

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