• Mark Ullah

Don't press reset on your business growth in 2020, be different.

Growing a business can be difficult and for many, it is easier to observe the masses and copy them. It is safe, comfortable and and is likely to yield some moderate organic growth. Companies, whether mature or just starting up need a good combination of fixed mindsets and growth mindsets however, if you're looking for in-organic growth, maybe it is time to consider a strategy that is different, a little scary but dam well exciting?

Winston Churchill certainly had no fear of being different. He smoked endless amounts of cigars, slept most mornings and then worked tirelessly through the night, often dictating critical war correspondence to his secretary from the bath; and drank more champagne in a month than most of us consume in a lifetime.

Over the last 6 months, My Trip Advisory has had the privilege to work with customers who have had the courage to be different. Small and Medium size businesses are under significant pressure to grow but they're struggling to align their core product offerings to growth industries or new segments. Large enterprises are getting back to basics - delivering great core product offerings whilst hedging their bets on emerging technology and governments are pulling the digital innovation lever, responding to industry trends or running data projects- without really knowing why.

There are a few notable and common challenges:

1. Responding to market pressures - it is really important but when we're running a business, it is easy to have the blinkers on managing the board, shareholders, your leadership teams and the day to day operational activities. It isn't easy. Don't forget to step off the ferris wheel, breathe and truly understand what the industry threats and opportunities are. Know your competitors intimately. Also, get a better understanding of your customers and their customers and think about how you're differentiating from the market. If necessary, reset the strategy and don't be afraid to invest when others aren't.

2. Disrupt or be disrupted - it is easy to say but hard to do with conviction. I have seen many 'great attempts' but quite quickly, the fear of stepping outside the comfort zone or too far away from the core leads to engaging 'fixed mindset mode' and before you know it, you have retreated back to our safe place. I get it, it is hard but change takes time, money and most importantly conviction. Even Churchill, when faced with the worst war in years, seemed like he relished the challenge.

3. It is the end of the financial year, we've succeed hooray! Now, let's reset and do the same thing next year. There is an old golf saying "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It is really important to get the 'sales pipeline' filled with quality leads so you're not pressing the rest button. There are many great lead automation tools available but believe it or not, people still like to see the whites of your eyes when buying from you. Growth hackers and industry business development capability is critical (and sometimes expensive) and given that in-organic growth can take time (but be game changing), business owners are often left thinking - what's the value? Good growth hackers will fill the pipe whilst also filling the register with cash!

Now, clearly, you can't just chuck on a pin stripe suit, drink champagne and become Churchill overnight but what we can do is learn from his tenacity and drive. What people like Churchill can show us is that their self belief was so great that they were happy to go where their instincts took them, not where convention wanted them to go. Why? because there is significant growth in failure (providing you fail fast) and significant growth in success. If you're standing still, you're losing the battle - you probably just don't realise yet.

My Trip Advisory have had many requests from our customers who either want to partner with their internal business units better or, grow in-organically and without fear which is why today, we're launching two new outsourcing services: Business Partnering as a Service

and Growth Hacking & Business Development as a Service.

What's different? Flexible pricing models, passionate resources and well established relationships committed to growing your business. We measure ourselves on your success and take away the HR burden of employing and managing staff.

If you're looking for an explosive start to 2020, contact growth@mytripadvisory.com

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