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Volkswagen accused of breaching responsible lending laws

Carzaam Automotive News Episode 10: VW - OK Honda - Opal

Volkswagen accused of breaching responsible lending laws

ASIC has commenced civil penalty proceedings against Volkswagen Financial Services Australia for allegedly breaching responsible lending laws just days after VW was hit with the largest penalty ever made for contraventions of Australian Consumer Law.

The financial services regulator has alleged that the company failed to undertake “reasonable steps” to inquire about or verify a borrowers’ living expenses.

The Volkswagen case continues ASIC’s clampdown on how lenders interrogate a borrower’s living expenses when writing loans and further tightens lending standards in an already tough automotive market.


Honda to Launch Personal Assistant, “OK Honda,” at CES 2020 Backed by SoundHound

Honda revealed a preview of the advanced voice technology it plans to show off at CES this year.

It will feature “OK HONDA” its voice enabled Personal Assistant created in a collaboration with SoundHound, along with new ways to control smartphones from the car.

The partnership grew out of SoundHound’s involvement in the Honda Xcelerator program and uses the term “OK Honda” as a wake word to allow the driver to carry out requests including running the car’s entertainment system and environmental controls.

SoundHound has been accruing new automotive partners at a steady rate. Most recently, Kia announced that the Seltos line of cars will include a Houndify-based voice assistant and

Hyundai has also integrated its technology on the Venue SUV.


Ride hailing added to Opal app and Transport NSW Trip Planner

Transport for NSW has announced that some taxi and rideshare providers are now included as an option for how people can travel to their destination in the latest iteration of Trip Planner.

In addition to existing options -- public transport, walking, and cycling -- people can now view the cost and journey duration of their trips if they choose to travel with Cars on Demand, Ola, or Ingogo.

The decision to offer ride-sharing and taxis comes off the back of the state government's Future Transport 2056 strategy where transport service providers were invited to share their data sets and APIs to link with Trip Planner.

This represents a great step forward for mobility as a service in Australia with the NSW government showing its leadership and commitment in bringing together various parts of the ecosystem to deliver better transport outcomes.


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