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How to Sell a Car: The Seller’s Guide Perth

Are you ready to sell your car and move on to something more up-to-date? If so, this seller’s guide has been designed to help you navigate through the process. Fortunately, selling a car is not too scary, as long as you understand the basics.

Here’s a quick start guide to selling your car in Perth.

1. Find Out What It’s Worth

Ultimately, the price you sell your car for comes down to what the buyer is willing to pay for it. That aside, you will still need a ballpark estimate of the car’s worth before listing it for sale. Check with online car valuation sites to learn the fair market price of your car.

2. Settle Up

Before you sell your car, you will need to make sure any debts owed toward it are settled. If you financed the vehicle and want to sell it shortly after paying it off, you will need to wait until you receive a final receipt for the cleared debt. You cannot sell a car that a lender or bank can legally claim as collateral against any debt.

3. Roadworthy Certification

If you’ve been actively driving your car all along, you should already have Roadworthy Certification. If, however, the vehicle you’re selling hasn’t been driven in a while, you’ll need to recertify it for roadworthiness. In Australia, you cannot sell a vehicle in a drivable condition without Roadworthy Certification.

4. Clean It Up

Before you put your car for sale, clean it up. This is a tactic that dealerships know well. The better a car looks, the easier to sell it. The clean-up involves putting a little shine on it, inside and out. Don’t forget that a little engine cleaner will go a long way when your prospective buyer peeks under the bonnet.

5. Take Pics (and More Pics)

After you’ve got your car looking its best, it is time to take pictures of your car for your advertisement. Car ads without pictures don’t sell, so this is a crucial step. The more pics you take, the more buyers you’re likely to attract.

6. Post Your Advertisement

After you’ve photographed the car you’re selling, it’s time to ready your advert. You have several options for where you post your ad, but an online used car marketplace is probably your best option in Perth.

In your ad, you’ll want to list the following information:

- Year, make, and model

- Odometer readings

- Options

- Vehicle history

- Contact information

Sure, some of those things seem like obvious inclusions in any used car ad, but you’d be surprised at the number of sellers who overlook this kind of basic information.

7. Entertain ‘Serious Enquiries Only’

You don’t want to get burnt by time-wasters and joyriders. Screen the enquiries that come in before agreeing to meet anyone for a test drive. Ask about their payment method, the reason they’re interested in the car, and their location. Based on their answers, use your better judgment to determine whether the caller is mainly interested in taking you (and your car) for a ride.

8. Prepare to Negotiate

Most car buyers will negotiate to score a better deal in Perth. That means it’s usually a good idea to open the negotiations at the higher end of your car’s valuation. You don’t want to come in with your bare minimum asking price only to be lowballed by an aggressive negotiator.

9. Seal the Deal

The final step in selling your car is sealing the deal. After the negotiations concluded, prepare a receipt for your buyer and turn it, along with other paperwork related to the car, over to him or her.

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