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Should I Put My Car Up for Sale?

If you’re considering putting your car up for sale, but remain uncertain as to whether you should, you will want to weigh the pluses and minuses of parting with the car. Selling your vehicle is a big choice and, if you’re like most people, you can’t afford to make the wrong call when it comes to your means of transportation.

If you’re unsure about selling your car, you’ll need to make an informed decision. And that starts by answering some important questions.

Why sell?

Are you mulling the sale of your car because you need money? Can you no longer afford the car? How will your transportation needs be met if you sell the car? Has a dealership made an unacceptable trade-in offer, and you feel you could get a better one from a buyer on the open market?

You should answer questions like these. The answers you uncover can point you toward (or away from) selling your car.

How can I sell my car?

After you decide to sell your car, the thing to consider is where you’ll list it for sale. You have a few options, including:

Online used car marketplaces

- Online classifieds

- Print classifieds

- Message boards

- Auction sites

- Your lawn

Of course, each of these channels has strengths and weaknesses, not the least of which boils down to how you can expect to sell your car. The online options for putting your car up for sale are potentially the quickest routes. If you put your car up for sale online, you will also reach the widest possible audience.

Why not just trade it in?

If you’re mainly interested in a brand new vehicle, trading your car at a dealership is also an option. That stated you’re likely to receive more money for your troubles if you sell it to a private buyer than you would if you traded. Before you approach a dealer about trading in, use an online car valuation tool to get an idea of what your car’s worth. Before you accept a trade-in offer, compare that offer to the fair market value of your car ‘by the book,’ because you’re more likely to get closer to fair market value through a private sale.

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