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Three Ways to Differentiate Your Car Ads in Perth

You want your car advertisement to stand out from the crowd, right?

You need only to search Google for cars in your area to uncover a smattering of ‘typical’ ads, sporting stock photographs, dry descriptions, and even drier factory specs spelled out time and again, monotonously. So, how does one rise above that den of blandness? The answer is: by highlighting what makes your car unique and, more importantly, why it’s of value to your prospective buyer.

Here are three tips to help you differentiate your car ads in Perth.

1. Get Real (Photos)

The biggest sin in online car ads is using generic photos. The stock photos you find on manufacturers’ websites and in image searches don’t cut it. Car buyers want to see the actual vehicle up for consideration.

Spend a sunny afternoon shining up your ride and take pictures of the fruits of your labour. Choose the best snaps, interior, and exterior, and add them to your advertisement. Taking this fun step will set your ad apart from all those others with humdrum stock pictures.

2. Add a Compelling Description

Your car rolled off the same assembly line as thousands of others just like it. That doesn’t mean it’s not unique. Every time you’ve had it serviced, had its tires rotated, or taken it in for a tune-up has made your car special.

You’ll want to call out factors like those in your advertisement. All the other ads in Perth will cite the factory description or make half-hearted attempts at salesmanship. Make your ad distinctly different by emphasizing its value compared with others like it that might be for sale in your area. Does your car sport a unique factory finish? Does it show low kilometres on the dash? These are the kinds of things you’ll want to highlight in your ad.

3. Post an Irresistible Video

Pictures and compelling text are the essentials of online car ads, but if you want to take things up a notch, just add a video to your listing. If you have a GoPro or dashcam, take your car out for a drive and upload the video to YouTube, then link it in your ad.

This will help prospective buyers get a feel for what it would be like to own your car. If you take the time to create, edit, and add a video to your advertisement, you may be surprised at just how quickly a new owner sees themselves in your car and takes it off your hands.

Final Thoughts

Although you should try out all these tips in your next car ad in Perth, you should also stay pragmatic. If you try out a particular lead image or a specific body of text and your phone doesn’t start blowing up with offers, try something else. Your ad isn’t set in stone; you can freely revise and update it until you get the right results. If you continually revise your car advertisement, you’ll find the right ways to differentiate it before long.

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