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What to Look for when Buying a Used Ford - Perth

When we buy a used car there are many questions we need to ask and much information to gather before we hand over our hard-earned money. It is important to remember that this transaction is a long term investment. We should be prepared to walk away at any time in the process if the car is not a sound purchase.

This goes for any brand of a used car but in this article, we will be focusing on what to look for when buying a used Ford.

When researching potential issues with Ford, we found ourselves at the incredibly helpful NRMA site where used Ford (and other car brands) buyers can download an excellent checklist to buying a second-hand vehicle.

Listed here are some helpful tips including:

1. Take a friend or relative with you to view the car as a second opinion will help with any rose coloured glasses you may be wearing at the time of sale.

2. Research the car thoroughly. A seeming no brainer admittedly, but sound advice nonetheless. The internet offers a bounty of free information about all manner of cars and chances are that you will find positives and negatives to help you decide on the right car for you.

3. Seek finance within your budget. It is vitally important to obtain finance for such a significant purchase in cases where the buyer has not saved the money beforehand. Seeking finance before purchase will speed up the sale on both ends and make for a smoother sale.

4. Ensure there is no outstanding finance on the car in question. The last thing you want after purchasing your dream car is to have it repossessed because the previous owner has not yet paid their own loan off. A simple car history report will sort this detail out along with any reports of car accidents and insurance claims against the car you are buying. This kind of report is affordable and will ensure your physical and financial safety when buying a used car.

4. Check that the car is registered within the state of purchase. It can be costly to register the car in a new state and each state has different laws and regulations around registration checks. Don’t get caught out with more to pay after purchase.

The checklist goes into far more detail and will be helpful for car buyers in general. When looking for Ford specific issues though, the brand has a good reputation among consumers and is a well-recognized product of quality.

Ford Explorer

One noteworthy issue found in the Ford Explorer consistently according to Samarins is that the engine cooling system and radiators were of poor to average quality and specifically the 2006 model being the worst-rated for reliability.

The Explorer does rate highly for comfort though and as Ford parts are readily available and easy to obtain, even mechanical issues are usually able to be addressed with relative simplicity by a good mechanic.

Ford Focus

Also popping up with potential mechanical issues was the hugely popular Ford Focus. If considering this zippy little car, you will love the comfort and style but beware of the timing belt wearing and needing replacement before expected. This warning should be especially heeded when looking at used Ford Focus models between 2002 and 2005.

Ford recalled approximately 3000 of their Ford Fiesta models between 2010 – 2011 so be aware of this if searching for a used Fiesta. The recalled units had starting problems because of a faulty glow plug in the diesel engine. If the Fiesta you are looking at is from this time period or recall batch, ensure the seller has a receipt of replacement and obtain a car history report as a matter of urgency.

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Ford Fiesta

Although Ford has experienced the odd problem along the way, the brand is without a doubt a superpower in the car industry. The names Falcon, Territory, and Ranger elicit a feeling of trust in a solid history of a renowned brand. In fact, the Ford Falcon is almost iconic as it is so well known and so popular across decades of happy families.

Ford Falcon

Ford is a name everyone knows and this is highly regarded when purchasing a used car. The chances of buying a lemon are greatly reduced when the quality, safety, and reliability are assured. Ford has always offered this and will continue to do so long into the future with both the new and used markets going strongly for the brand.

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