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What to Look For When You Buy a Used Jeep - Perth

The Jeep is a popular choice for city slickers and bush dwellers alike. When buying a used Jeep though there can be a few things to look for to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

The Jeep brand, in general, offers superior performance and craftsmanship and excellent fuel economy as stated on their website.

Popular models include the Cherokee, Wrangler, and Renegade. To help with your buying process, we’ve comprised a list of what you need to look for when making your decision about purchasing a Jeep.

According to popular Jeep forums, a few issues do come up quite regularly including some potential problem areas. Forum members advise:

- Check for Body Damage. While this sounds obvious, it is always wise to do a complete walk around the vehicle and check for any costly panel repairs and cosmetic issues that could bring the value down.

- Check for watermarks under the dash as some Jeep owners report that leaks are common around the firewall and windshield.

- Know how to apply and remove the top for both soft and hard top options. This leads to making sure that all parts are included for soft tops and that hardtops do not have any cracks and that the seals are intact.

- Check the roll bars for previous damage and if in doubt have the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a certified Jeep mechanic and obtain a vehicle history check (we recommend this for any type of used car).

- Check out the tire tread, differentials, oil pan, and exhaust system, especially if the Jeep you are buying was used offroad regularly. All of these things should be inspected before buying any car and will give the buyer peace of mind during the sale.

- A recurring issue with the Jeep Wrangler, in particular, is that the passenger side engine mount becomes unstable. Customers report that it is wise to replace the original engine mount with a dealership part if it hasn’t already been attended to as the potential for engine damage due to the weak mount failing is significant.

Some of the above are exclusive to purchasing a Jeep but much can also be applied to the purchase of any used vehicle. In addition to this list, it is integral that prospective buyers always test drive the used Jeep they are interested in buying.

Test driving the car will alert the buyer to any rattles and issues and can often be the deciding factor in your purchase.

Although like with all used vehicles, the Jeep can cause a bit of damage to the back pocket, the news does not seem all bad for Jeep owners. Overwhelmingly the reviews are positive and many owners (even those who reported problems with their vehicle) love their Jeep. The subculture of Jeep enthusiasts describes their love affair with the brand as “a Jeep thing” which indicates that the Jeep comes with status and prestige.

As far as price goes, expect to pay between a mere $2500 for a vintage model if you are willing to go way back to the ’60s and up to a still quite reasonable $30,000 for a latest release Jeep Patriot or $85,000 for the more prestigious Grand Cherokee.

The most important thing to do when searching for a used Jeep is to do your research and pick a budget you can manage in your own circumstances.

Once those things are done you can annoy your friends and family at will with the famous Jeep marketing line, “I bought a Jeep.”

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