• Andrew Chilcott

What to Look for When You Buy a Used VW

Here are three tips to help point you in the right direction:

1. VWs Offer Versatility

Volkswagens are among the most popular European cars in Australia, with more than 60,000 sold in 2014 alone. That means, if you have been bitten by the bug for a Beetle, you are likely to find plenty from which to choose. This means you can afford to shop around to find the best deal on a used VW in good condition.

One important thing to remember is that, given the marque’s wide variety of models, which include economy cars, hot hatchbacks, sedans, and crossovers, the VW line offers something for all types of car buyers. Before you decide on one VW, look at the whole line up, because you may find similar features in a model that can bring dual-purpose motoring to your life.

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2. Diesel VWs are Highly Rated Green Cars

VW’s diesels, like the Jetta TDI and Golf TDI, which are found in plenty on the second-hand market, are among the best rated green cars in the world. If you plan to go green and saving on petrol, a used VW diesel is a reliable choice. The Jetta TDI is a fuel-sipping and snappy drive that rides easier than one would ever suspect in a diesel. VWs diesels save at the pump while retaining their fun factor.

3. Watch Out for Common VW Problems

Although VW is generally a reliable brand, you will still want to look out for a few common problems associated with the cars, when you buy one used.

Here are the trouble spots:

- Clutch cable tensioners

- Fuel pumps

- Oil leaks

- Manual gearboxes

- Timing chains

As is the case for any vehicle purchase, you should arrange for a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) before buying a used VW.

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