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Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Re-imaging the movement and people and goods.


Department of Transport and Main Roads





Type of Work




Investing in integrated passenger transport infrastructure is critical to enhancing public transport services and access for customers.


Queensland’s population is estimated to be around 5 million and is predicted to increase to around 6.68 million by 2036 and around 7.16 million by 2041.  Most of this increase is likely to continue to be in South East Queensland, coastal communities and regional centres with industry growth.

Queensland has seen substantial investment in infrastructure and public transport services over the past decade to cater for this growth. However, The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) continues to face significant challenges to manage the ongoing impact of this growth, harness opportunities and mitigate associated risks, such as increased congestion.

TMR's vision is to create a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone.

MaaS embodies a shift away from the privately owned car and single uses of public transport, towards multi-modal mobility solutions that are packaged 'as-a-Service' providing a seamless and personalised way to plan, book and pay for journeys.  


My Trip Advisory partnered with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to develop a comprehensive industry engagement strategy to assist with aligning the capability 

available from Industry with the strategic priorities of the Department of Transport.


My Trip Advisory continue to provide MaaS advisory services, positioning Queensland as a global leader in mobility solutions.


MaaS enables this vision through harnessing emerging services, technologies and business models to contribute to a new transport ecosystem where services are seamlessly integrated for customers.

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